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This article was published on June 10, 2010

Twitter acquires Smallthought Systems. Better analytics coming soon.

Twitter acquires Smallthought Systems.  Better analytics coming soon.

Twitter is taking yet another step into the legitimate business world.  Many places (ourselves included) realize the importance of Twitter to their business’ communication, and nothing screams information louder than good analytics.

With that in mind, Twitter has just acquired Smallthought Systems, the company the brought you Trendly.

So, what does it mean to you?

Trendly tracks data from the outside of your site, taking a look at Google Analytics, and then providing you with true, sensible information.  That’s been the company’s selling point since day 1.  Now, imagine if you could use this same method to track all of the data that is pushed through Twitter.

When you’re looking at 65 million tweets daily, that’s a rather mind boggling amount of potential information.  However, it takes some very strong code to wade through the noise and figure out what is good and what’s not.

Another huge point of Trendly is that it looks at trends, rather than peaks and valleys. Again, put that into a Twitter perspective, where we have topics that come and go on an almost hourly basis.

With Twitter’s purchase of Smallthought Systems, the analytics information that will come out of Twitter could very well change the way that we do business online.