This article was published on June 5, 2014

Twitter acquires Namo Media to boost its native ads offering

Twitter acquires Namo Media to boost its native ads offering

Twitter has acquired a number of startups recently, and the latest is a native mobile ad specialist called Namo Media. The startup helps developers run native in-stream ads in the midst of their app, creating revenue opportunities and an experience that wasn’t off-putting to new and existing users.

Namo Media offers “adaptive templates” which are essentially modules that developers could customise to their liking. The closer the ad looks to the rest of the app, the higher the probability that a user will actually stop and engage. If that in turn generates more ‘taps’ from users, advertisers and ad networks are more likely to work with them.

The startup said it will continue to work on building a native advertising platform for app developers, but stopped short of saying whether this would be its own product – or a new one spearheaded by Twitter. Regardless, Namo Media said its goal was still “to improve the native ad landscape for all mobile app developers.”

Twitter announced the deal on its advertising blog and linked the deal to MoPub, the mobile ad exchange it acquired in September last year. Back in April, the company began offering any of its customers the ability to set up, manage and sell their direct-sold and in-house native ads through the platform.

Clearly, Twitter sees native mobile ads as a key element of its business, and one that can buoy its reputation and performance while it continues to work on a larger problem – the slowing growth in new users signing up for Twitter.

“In our conversations with the Namo Media team, it became clear we share a vision for how native advertising can improve the state of mobile app monetization for marketers, app publishers, and users,” the company said. “We’re thrilled to add Namo Media’s expertise and technology to the ecosystem MoPub and Twitter have already developed.”

Featured image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images