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This article was published on January 18, 2013

Twitter: 100% of the Senate, 90% of the House are active on the social platform

Twitter: 100% of the Senate, 90% of the House are active on the social platform

Twitter has become a popular political tool, allowing those in power to release short statements, commentary, and interact with the common folk. In the United States, where the service was born, it has reached the status of ubiquity.

Today, in a blog post, the social company announced that 100 percent of the Senate, and 90 percent of the house are active on the platform, making it perhaps the most popular communication method aside from email and telephony for those in Congress.

In the House, according to Twitter, 398 members are active, implying that 37 members are not fans of 140 character updates. Rerunning the math, in fact a total of 91.4 percent of the voting members of the House are on Twitter, assuming that the company isn’t including non-voting members in its tally of 398.

Progress has been made; Congress was not once as socially adept. According to the same blog post, when the last Congress was sworn in, “44% of the Senate and 35% of the House were active on Twitter.” Thus, Twitter has completed its hearts and minds campaign on Capitol Hill in record time.

Having such important folk active on its service is key for Twitter, as it provides the platform with unique, exclusive content.

According to the company, 29 states have their entire Senate and House delegations on the service. Midwest and Southern states appear to be the least likely to have full participation.

Top Image Credit: Andrew Malone

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