This article was published on September 10, 2012

Tweet from anywhere in the world thanks to ‘Please Don’t Stalk Me’

Tweet from anywhere in the world thanks to ‘Please Don’t Stalk Me’

Have you ever wished you could tweet from somewhere else in the world, without having to actually go there? The arctic circle? The great pyramids of Egypt? Or how about the Bermuda triangle? Well, now it seems like you can.

A little website entitled “Please Don’t Stalk Me” allows any Twitter user to alter the location data attached to their tweets. It’s the first time anyone from The Next Web team has seen a tool quite like this, and already we’re thinking of some pretty…interesting applications.

The other day I needed to leave my flat in order to find a birthday present for my girlfriend. She was pretty sceptical when I explained that I desperately wanted a haircut, given that I like my hair to be fairly long and I had only been a couple of weeks ago (it was a bad excuse, I know). But what if I had been able to tweet from the hairdressers? Or at least pretend that I was? My girlfriend, which is also an advocate of Twitter, would have been fooled without even realising it.

Or how about the release day for your favourite video game? Or that job interview you really need to attend? Calling in sick – to either college or work – is always a pain and raises the alarm bells of any boss or lecturer which has half an ounce of common sense. With this handy website though, you can leave the house and send a tweet later with the location set to your bedroom. Sneaky.

Here’s the website in action. Using the Google Maps interface, simply search for the location you want to tweet from…

Add the message you want to fool all of your Twitter followers…

Then watch the chaos unfold on your news feed!

So what do you think? Should Twitter users be able to pretend they’re tweeting from almost anywhere in the world? It certainly adds an extra layer of privacy, but it could also get you into a good bit of trouble…

➤  “Please Don’t Stalk Me”

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