This article was published on November 20, 2017

Turn your brain into a supercomputer with an improved vocabulary and reading speed — and take an extra 15% off

Turn your brain into a supercomputer with an improved vocabulary and reading speed — and take an extra 15% off
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You hear it all the time — no one reads anymore. And the more you read badly composed emails, misspelled social media posts and poorly constructed sentences everywhere from literature to magazines to a supermarket ad, the more convinced you should be to elevate your vocabulary out of the muck.

Look to take your communication skills to the next level with this double-barreled pairing of self-help exercises, the vocabulary building Vocab 1 and the reading comprehension boosting 7 Speed Reading EX. Both software programs are on sale together right now — with an extra 15 percent discount — down to just $24.65 from TNW Deals.

Vocab1 is software focused on teaching you new words in their proper context. With a host of fun exercises and games, you’ll be served up more than 140,000 different vocabulary words from over 600 different word lists. Of course, you’ll want to learn how to use these words correctly, so Vocab1 utilizes a 520 million word database, serving up various context and usage situations to make sure your new words flow as intended.

Games are constructed to help you spell the words correctly, while different exercises allow you to place the words in a sentence. You can also construct word lists of your own so you’re ready to learn the type of words you find important.

Once you understand all these new words, you’re ready to tackle one of the most comprehensive speed reading systems ever in 7 Speed Reading EX. You’ll remove bad reading habits and replace them with ways to retain more of what you speed read, potentially boosting your reading speed by more than 3,400 times.

As you work through its lessons offered in videos, different exercises, ultra-advanced tracking and more, you’ll see your reading speed soar, all while retaining up to 100% of what you’re taking in. Think about what that kind of speed increase, not to mention hanging on to all that new information, could do for your professional career.

Usually a $325 value, you can try this package now with an extra 15% off discount, down to just $24.65, while this holiday offer lasts.



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