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This article was published on January 20, 2017

Trump may have the best words, but these Urban Dictionary submissions are pretty good too

Trump may have the best words, but these Urban Dictionary submissions are pretty good too
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

Former Managing Editor, TNW

Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Remember back to the campaign when Donald Trump famously said: “I’m very highly educated. I know words; I have the best words.”? Well, just in case, here it is.

He wrapped up that back patting session with this: “But there’s no better word than stupid.” We disagree. Urban Dictionary has some pretty great words too, and some of them bear Trump’s name, or were created out of thin air in his honor. Let’s take a look at some of the words we might be seeing more of over the next four years — all from Urban Dictionary.



  1. When you’re running for president and your penchant for hyperbole outpaces your command of the English language.
  2. Mistaken spelling and pronunciation of the words “Big League” as used by Donald Trump as he describes something that is “immense,” “top drawer,” or merely “very important.” He can use the phrase as both an adverb and as an adjective.

“Donald Trump knows that Mitt Romney’s late tax submission affected him bigly.”



  1. The act of grabbing a girl by the vagina.

“She was an attractive women and I can’t help myself. I crunched down on my tic tacs, and my hand drove home my powerful America saving message with my Trumpalingus thrust.”

Trumpy Butt

Trump-ee B-uh-t

  1. Used to reference a dog’s butt hole immediately prior to the dog having a bowel movement. Right before a dog has a bowel movement, their butt hole starts to expand and pucker, causing an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump’s mouth. The Trumpy Butt is a signal to the owner or dog walker that the dog is about to go.

“Rover’s been looking for a poop spot forever, but now he has Trumpy Butt so I know he’s about to go.”



  1. An event that is almost as big a disaster as Donald J. Trump’s presidency would be/will be/is

“Oh boy, that super volcano eruption is a real trumpady!”



  1. An orgasmic explosion of freedom to express all the racism, sexism, antisemitism, and phobias (islamophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.) which have been suppressed for years through a combination of an apparently misguided sense of common courtesy, good taste, and normal (or sane) behavior.
  2.  The feeling of excitement and fever you get when exposed, either visually or auditorily, to Donald being his dangerously sexy self.
  3. When you yell Trump slang while having sex.

“Harder. Harder . Yeah, yeah! MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL….trump … trump… ohhhyea………. trumpgasm. You just drained my swamp baby.”




  1. The fear that someone you love, respect, and/or regard as a person with intelligence and mentally rigorous thought processes will tell you they want Donald Trump to be President of the United States.
  2. The fear of being loathed by the people you love, but because they are on your payroll, you are unaware they can’t stand you.
  3. The fear of waking up with a Tribble* on your head.
    *A Tribble is fictional creature, from the original Star Trek television series, that resembles a living hair ball regurgitated from a cat.

“Her severe trumpaphobia was only heightened when her new boss, a man she had thought was so wise and worthy, revealed he was a Donald Trump supporter.”



  1. Having hair or a hair piece that is fluffed, combed over and sprayed into a confusing matrix of hair that covers what is clearly a bald spot.

“Dude, when did your dad start sporting a trumpee? His head looks like a small animal built a nest up there.”



  1. Exaggerated statements, lies, revisionism said to induce the American people to accept a politician as being thoughtful, deliberate and intelligent.

“In running for office the candidate’s speeches were replete with Trumperbole.”



  1. An ignorant blowhard who makes a lot of noise, blindly and militantly, defending Donald Trump… Especially fond of Trolling on social media. Also known as a “Trump Troll” or “Trumpkin”.

“Nothing but Trumpettes and Paulbots on this Tea Party thread. The trolls have taken over.”



  1. The act of presenting a prejudiced opinion with mindless swagger.
  2. The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or any combination of those [family members] that you didn’t want to see during the holidays.
  3. To ignore laws, especially the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States and the Geneva Conventions.

“My trumple started a fight with me so I made a contribution in his name to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”



  1. Feeling or showing a level of self-assurance that surpasses any level ever fathomed or even defined in the English language.

“I want to Make America Great Again and making American great again I will. Am I worried? No, I’m Trumpfident.”

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