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This article was published on March 27, 2017

Train to get certified in Microsoft Excel for just $15

Train to get certified in Microsoft Excel for just $15
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Decades ago, when tech pioneers like IBM first tried to encourage business owners into bringing computers into the office, the spreadsheet was one of their most attractive enticements.

The benefits of a neatly organized, easily cross-referenced spreadsheet to put a company into immediate perspective remain powerful. So much so that being proficient in the spreadsheeting program Microsoft Excel is a big-time resume booster. You can learn to frame those numbers the right way with the Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification course bundle, available now at the rock-bottom price of just $15 from TNW Deals.

For less than the cost of a pizza, you get two finely-honed courses, constructed to make you an Excel expert.

With Excel for Beginners, you’ll cover 55 hands-on tutorials and over seven hours of content geared toward introducing you to what Excel does best. Once you’re proficient in the terminology, commands and procedures to make Excel go, you’ll start crafting documents to put all your business facts and figures into just the right context.

Once you’ve mastered beginner training, the next logical step is obviously Excel Advanced, featuring another 33 tutorials elevating your Excel game. You’ll discover how to fully customize your Excel docs as well as the best means for managing and even automating that work.

All that training will have you ready to ace the Microsoft Office Specialist exam, a distinction that should stand out to your current or future employers.

This combined package that usually retails for almost $2,000 can be yours for the limited time price of just $15 while this offer lasts.

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