This article was published on September 22, 2015

Tracking this number can earn you $10,000

Tracking this number can earn you $10,000
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Your life is becoming a numbers game.

If you’re like many people in our app-driven, smartphone-centric society, there are probably a lot of numbers that you keep tabs on since they can have a direct impact in your life, whether it’s the pageviews on your blog, your social media follower count or the calories you’ve burned exercising.

However, there’s one number that trumps all of those stats, one that can earn you $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or more in just a few minutes:

How much are you worth?

If you’re interviewing for a new job, there’s going to come a point where the HR person leans in and casually says, “So… what did you have in mind, in terms of salary?”

If you’re building up the courage to ask for a raise, there’s a good chance that your would-be boss will push back and say, “I don’t think we can increase your salary by that amount… where did you get that number?”

The fact is, if you know exactly what your skills are worth on the market, the chance of you earning the salary that you deserve increases dramatically. On the flip side, being blind to this number can cost you thousands of dollars.

Studies have shown that half of all workers did not negotiate their last salary, and most people feel anxious or frightened about asking for more.

Most people are aware of compensation sites such as GlassdoorSalary and Payscale, and those are great for starting your research. But in order to truly know your worth and maximize your chance of getting the highest salary possible, you’ll need to go beyond what the average job-seeker knows.


So, are you ready to earn what you’re worth?

Check out our free 30-minute webinar on Thursday, September 24 at 1pm ET: Salary Negotiation Case Studies: How 3 people made $100k (and one lost $10k)

This webinar gives practical tips and specific tactics for negotiating your salary, built around a framework of four real-world case studies:

  • A contract programmer who increased his salary by 20 percent, adding $14,000 to his bottom line (even when his boss said it wasn’t possible).
  • An entry-level manager at a non-profit that received an $11,000 increase with a single email (you’ll learn the key phrase that clinched it).
  • A technical project manager that negotiated a whopping $70,000 increase when changing jobs (see exactly how she did it).
  • And a lawyer that lost $10,000 by not knowing her worth (I rest my case).

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