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This article was published on October 29, 2020

TourBox can speed up all your Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut projects by putting the control entirely in your hands

TourBox can speed up all your Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut projects by putting the control entirely in your hands
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The TourBox is the ultimate controller for creators, offering fully customizable, precise control for most image editing, video editing and other creative app projects.

If you work regularly editing photos or video, your fingers can get mighty adept at flying around the keyboard. But at a certain point, achieving the level of precision you need is going to extend beyond a few pre-set macros or clumsily inching a mouse just right.

You need pinpoint control and the option to sprint through slow, repetitive tasks easier, whether you’re working with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro or another digital creation app. That desire for better control was the driving fuel behind the TourBox controller, created by creative pros for creative pros. Right now, it’s on sale for almost $20 off the regular price, just $149.99 from TNW Deals.

Attachable via USB, the TourBox and its full complement of toggles and switches is less than 5 inches long and works with your keyboard and mouse without gobbling up tons of desktop real estate.

With each of the 11 buttons and three dials distinctively unique from the others so you can edit by touch, what exactly does each one do? Well, whatever you want them to do. The specific function of each knob, scroller, wheel and button is entirely customizable, so you can configure the TourBox to act exactly the way you want. You can also download premade profiles that sync perfectly with popular apps like Adobe’s Lightroom Classic, Premiere and Photoshop, as well as more than a dozen other programs. 

And while TourBox is a champ for image or video editing, it’s versatile enough to help pros in virtually any creative project situation, whether you’re doing audio work, using graphic design software or even some of the most popular drawing apps like Clip Studio Paint or Comic Studio.

Each control allows users to easily adjust the size, flow, transparency and hardness of a brush, or show perfect calibration for the ideal speed, accuracy, and acceleration that suits your workflow.

The TourBox also works for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Retailing for $169, you can save almost $20 off the price of the TourBox controller with this current offer, down to just $149.99.