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This article was published on February 3, 2009

    50 Top Tweets of January 2009

    50 Top Tweets of January 2009
    David Petherick
    Story by

    David Petherick

    Scotsman David Petherick is a director & co-founder of several companies, and provides social media strategy & visibility services. Scotsman David Petherick is a director & co-founder of several companies, and provides social media strategy & visibility services. David became known as ‘The Digital Biographer’ after a 2007 BBC radio interview, speaks Russian, wears the Kilt, and is a co-author for the books 'Age of Conversation 2.0, & 3.0'.

    US Airways Flight 1549 Plane Crash Hudson in N...
    Image by davidwatts1978 via Flickr

    January 2009 was a pretty big month – a month that saw Twitter hit the big time with that now iconic image of an Airbus ditching with no loss of life in the Hudson River, Stephen Fry, Tom Cruise and Jonathan Ross talking about Twitter on a prime-time UK chat show, and Twitter’s infrastructure holding up on January 20th for the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States.

    Following on from my popular Top Tweets of 2008 on my Digital Biographer blog, these are the best Tweets from Twitter that I saw in January 2009.

    Yes, it’s quite unscientific, and a personal view, but these are very funny. If you think you said something funnier last month, then follow @clarocada or @nextweblog, or add the hashtag #totw to your best tweets this month, and the watch out for the Top Tweets of February!

    Art or Science?

    You might want to check out the slightly more scientific approach of Favrd, which shows the ‘most favorited’ tweets (if you register with them as a one-off) and is also pretty hilarious. They do warn that “If you see Twitter as a venue for public relations or marketing, or as an audience eager to hear news of a post on your ‘blog’, or a rich hot sticky vertical, or if you consider yourself a web strategist, or if you talk earnestly about social media, or if you can read Techcrunch or listen to the Gillmor gang with a straight face…” it’s very unlikely the things you say on Twitter will show up there. So, ideal for Next Web Readers, I feel.

    Here are the best Tweets that I found in January. Enjoy!

    1. gapingvoid@Sznq Oh No! The hippies have already taken over Web 2.0! Fuck it. I’m leaving. Good-bye.
    2. frontofficeboxAnd the latest news from UK banking sector is RBS loses £400 mill invested with Madorff – what a bunch if jerks no wonder charges are high
    3. GeoffLivingI am convinced. Having a lot of Twiiter followers means a) you are immensely popular/influential or b) you spend lots of time on Twitter.
    4. GilliganPierceDamn. My porn won’t download. How am I supposed to show all my friends what he looks like naked if the pictures don’t come through?
    5. KnightDiveryou’ve got to just love those 4:55pm client calls on a FRIDAY afternoon… I know I do.
    6. davidjhinsonG-d. Please, not another life coach. I’ve been married 23 years. I don’t need another coach in my life, thanks anyway.
    7. alisongowThinking dark thoughts about the delivery man whose non-appearance has sentenced me to freezing showers til Monday. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
    8. LenKendallSounds like transformers are having sex in my back alley. (garbage truck is slamming the dumpsters repeatedly)
    9. jakeok who wants @officedog – he just ate my muffin whilst I plugged my laptop in
    10. BankOfApathyOne moment while I access your account. Your available balance is…NOTHING YOU BROKE ASS VICTIM OF THE ECONOMY.
    11. patphelan£4.35 for a coffee and he hangs around for a tip
    12. arikhanson@skydiver and @chrisbrogan working together? That’s like Superman and Jesus joining forces to save the world.
    13. weblivzi feel embarrassed for written language worldwide when i read my mums text messages. It’s like shorthand for minimalists.
    14. huddlesuzOur local hairdresser is offering 20% off. Bad times, people, bad times with good hair.
    15. shelisrael@jowyang Nice to see you back in the stream. I missed you. Let’s argue about something.
    16. leeoddenInternet marketing superstar wannabes. Just because you have an opinion and a way to distribute that opinion doesn’t mean you’re right.
    17. borisTwitter is like a sauna: we are all in the same space, we show everything, but are not really looking at each other.
    18. borisOf course some people are taking in every detail in this particular sauna and some people are really worth staring at. :-)
    19. BenRosenzweigI just kneeld down do get dish soap from under the sink. And split my pants… Lesson learned. “Don’t do the dishes”
    20. frontofficeboxMain stream media is killing itself, by just trotting out the rubbish fed it by politicians and PR – and we’re not listening
    21. ruskin147twice in 24 hours my first news of a story has come via twitter – Jobs yesterday, plane today
    22. CherylHarrisonAt the Apple store. Typing this on the computer that’s about to make me poor.
    23. SaraDRT @dwiskus In the event of a water landing, feel free to stand around on the wing while people post pictures of you to Twitter.
    24. weblivzthere’s now an oriental guy cleaning our curtains with a hoover. All all the sentences i thought i’d ever tweet that wasn’t high on the list
    25. ScobleizerOh, oh, I crashed — which is OK, my interview with founder is in 45 minutes. Now we have something to talk about! ;-)
    26. skydiverFor future ref: Delta doesn’t find it terribly amusing when you ask if they can make a stopover on 57th and the Hudson b4 heading to LGA. :)
    27. scottishlassis realising none of the available editing software has a screaming wean filter. Woah those peaks are like the Himalayas.
    28. johnfenzelDon’t worry if you’re a kleptomaniac, you can always take something for it.
    29. davidleekingthis morning, i was a cereal killer
    30. macwriterAs a copywriter, I like to say that I’ve in essence been microblogging for close to 20 years. Just for other people’s brands.
    31. globalcitizenDear cab driver, please unlock the child proof window controls so that I don’t have to suffocate on the smell of your fart. *puke*
    32. skydiverEmail of the day: “Peter, I’m interviewing media-savvy women for a women-interview-only blog and would like to interview you.” WTF?
    33. xemionRT @imwithsully: Ad Agency site checklist. Flash. Hokey staff pics. Ambiguous navigation. No benefits, call to action or blog
    34. ianrmcallisterBBC Coverage looks amateurish, and I refuse to watch SkyNews because they can’t do news – switched to CNN
    35. HeatherPaulsonsUnfortunately I will have to explain to my son that his missing hamster now has molted into two dwarf hamsters.. All they had
    36. patrickMy mom asked my what I’d like to have for my 30th birthday, I replied: “I’d love to have one thousand followers”. It’s official, I’m a nerd
    37. Wossy@tumour Morrisey is on in about 3 weeks. Coming round to dinner again as well !! Just off to hide the bacon.
    38. themarketingguyI love my family, but they drank all my beer.
    39. SimpleEnglishOh no! I ‘ve been asked to write something longer than 140 characters. I don’t know if I can handle it.
    40. chacha102I find it an honor that people take the time to unfollow me.
    41. davewinerIf “favorites” were everything it needs to be then “RT” wouldn’t be necessary.
    42. bryanthatchersearching thru my stack of paper mail looking for something, I need google for my physical desktop.
    43. bnoxNews of the day Marijuana could prevent – wait… I lost it. Hang on.
    44. themarketingguyPlease do not let the first thing I see on your website be a pop-up sign up window. I don’t even know you yet.
    45. lyndomanCreativity comes best when you are challenged, you absolutely need someone to question, “what the hell are you talking about?”
    46. AubsI can’t believe it’s been FOUR years, but @lilabelle turns 4 today. How is she celebrating? She just scared herself & woke up by farting.
    47. dalecruseOverheard: “Is Jim Morrison the Muppets guy?? I’m google-ing now…” *sigh*
    48. chrisheuerRT @melissapierece When my 4yr old tells me “I was trying something new with my pee in the living room” I know it’s not a good thing. :(
    49. edialThis will be the era of Yahoo! baby, we are so BACK!
    50. edialShit. I expected riots on streets tonight, and now Google fixed it. Lame.

    If you think you should be on this list for this month, then follow @clarocada or @nextweblog, or add the hashtag #totw to your best tweets this month, and watch out for the Top 50 of February!

    This list was first published on 2nd February 2009 at Digital Biographer by David Petherick