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This article was published on March 16, 2016

TNW reader letters: You guys are weird

TNW reader letters: You guys are weird
Ben Woods
Story by

Ben Woods

Europe Editor

Ben is a technology journalist with a specialism in mobile devices and a geeky love of mobile spectrum issues. Ben used to be a professional Ben is a technology journalist with a specialism in mobile devices and a geeky love of mobile spectrum issues. Ben used to be a professional online poker player. You can contact him via Twitter or on Google+.

My favorite part of reading magazines as a child (and beyond, when I used to pick up physical objects) was the readers’ letters section – and obviously, being an international publisher with readers all around the world, we get a fair few letters too.

So here you are, just a few of your questions, comments and slightly creepy emails aimed at our team over the last few weeks and months.

“Should I buy an Apple Watch for my child?”

Hello Ben,

I just finish reading your piece and started to wonder how old you are and if you have kids to get a better sense of your perspective. If you don’t mind sharing such personal information it would help the readers to find the answers to many questions regarding this subject.



You’re right, though I suspect your name isn’t really ‘Manuwl’ and that was instead a typo.

It is pretty personal info but sure, why not? I don’t have children and I’m in my mid-thirties.

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t personally buy my hypothetical 11-year-old child an Apple Watch, no. There are other ways to achieve the potential benefits without other disadvantages, both technological and potentially social.

“APP Download from playstore”

Please I can not download from playstore. Each time I try it keeps on requesting for a code which I have forgotten. Please do assist in redeeming the code.

Err, this one is going to be tricky. If I read that correctly, you want me to try and help you enter a code that only you know, but have in fact forgotten.

If you do manage to remember the code and are still having problems, you might have better luck checking out this.

“Osborn mail shot”

Latest from the treasury… That asshole was only wounded in a dramatic paint balling incident..

This one essentially needs no response. Osborn? Well, you mention the Treasury, so perhaps you mean George Osborne?

Beyond that, you’ve lost me. I can’t imagine ol’ George out paintballing in the woods.

The tech angle is a bit lost on me though, if this is some sort of pitch.

“Delivery guy and google”


This one was sent to Kirsty, and nothing ‘screams friendly’ like SCREAMING FRIENDLY THINGS.

“Seem lovely”

Like your work and your writing.

Would love to chat sometime.

Canadian here.


Would like to start corresponding and see where we go.


This is another one sent to Kirsty. You all know this isn’t some sort of obscure tech dating website, right?

“Cortana gets annoyed if you’re rude, but that’s a mistake on Microsoft’s part”

Hey Ben,

I couldnt disagree more :). I’ve honestly been looking forward to assistants with more personality (even if its simulated). I’ve told my friends I look forward to the day when my assistant resists commands and I have to argue with it :).

I think being an opinion writer yourself; you can appreciate opinions from any angles and all sources.

Anywho, that’s my opinion. Happy writing. :P. Ciao!

I can indeed! And that’s an interesting angle – though I might argue the definition of the word ‘assistant’ in that instance.

Personality isn’t defined by defiance, obsequiousness or programmed whimsy somewhere inbetween – it’s a balance of factors, to achieve which, I don’t think Microsoft should be limiting the types of interactions ‘allowed’ if the aim is a sense of ‘individuality.’

It’s not, as some readers seemed to think, coming from some deep-seated desire to scream obscenities at Cortana, however.

“Nice piece on the DxO One”

One thing, though:

It’s discreetly.


Just had to say it, sorry. At least it’s private.

Onwards with the good writing.

This one was for Nate, who appreciated the email enough to politely respond and point out that this wasn’t in fact a mistake, and that discretely was correct in the intended meaning of ‘separately.’ To be fair, it was potentially confusing in this case.

That’s not to say we don’t all make errors from time to time though and it’s good to know you’ll all be there to let us know in a polite and friendly manner.

“Grammar Nazi”

Just so you know, you corrected Anonymous’ grammar incorrectly. You added “but” to their quote. The correlative conjunction “not only” accompanies “but also,” not just “but,” as you seem to think. If you are going to be pretentious, at least be accurate. I also would like to point out that you spend a lot of time insulting a campaign for which you provide no actual constructive feedback as to what they could do instead. That’s just bad form.

Ah. It seems I spoke too soon with the “polite and friendly manner” comment above, judging from this email aimed at Bryan.

And while we’re here, TNW reports news and the whole team has opinions, but we’re not really in the habit of telling Anonymous of how it should carry out operations against Trump. Much like we don’t write articles on ‘the best way to illegally download movies.’

advice from BEN”

Dear Ben,
Can you suggest me :
Sector : poker, casino, betting some websites who appoints affiliate online.
Suggest if they have good genuine user review and presence in social networks , in addition to their website.

I’m afraid this is one I just really can’t help with – but I do like how you’ve done more research into my interests and background than some PRs that I’ve met.

If you want to see your letter here, you know what to do. 

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