This article was published on May 29, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: We’re here to ruin your childhood

TNW’s Big Spam: We’re here to ruin your childhood
Georgina Ustik
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Georgina Ustik

Former TNW editor and creative

Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech. Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech.

Hope you enjoyed National Masturbation Day as much as we did! ?

Top trending tech news:

Bitcoin’s median transaction fee lowest since 2011 (Hard Fork)

Apple iPhones are all getting OLED screens next year (TNW

Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb to block trading in 11 countries (Hard Fork)

What we’re talking about:

A Scottish addiction facility wants to help ‘cryptocurrency addicts.’ FOR GOD’S SAKE, HODL. HODL RIGHT NOW.

In honor of National Masturbation Day, we jotted down some free ideas to help sex up other toys. Childhood ruined? You’re welcome.

Life-extending tech will force us to rethink punishment.

Private companies are launching a new space race.

Did you know London in 1854 was the world’s first smart city? Us either.

Tech execs can’t be trusted to fix the monster they created.

We asked #TNW2018 attendees to draw ‘cyber crime’ and now we’re worried about them. 

Jealous you weren’t there? You should be. Lucky for you, we’re already planning for #TNW2019. If you buy your ticket now, you get 50% off. HURRY UP THIS DEAL ONLY LASTS FOR THE NEXT 5 MINUTES KIDDING IT’S A LITTLE LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES BUT STILL NOT THAT LONG SO BUY YOURS NOW!

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Love you, mean it!

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ugly poll 

Yesterday we asked if your phridge was more fallic than ours… 96.4% of you said: “Yes, and I’ll prove it with a photo”… yet we received no photos? Is this how you celebrate National Masturbation Day? With lies? We’re not mad, just disappointed.

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