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This article was published on March 27, 2018

    TNW’s Big Spam: Today’s fungible stories

    TNW’s Big Spam: Today’s fungible stories

    Whistleblower Christopher Wylie is appearing before the digital, culture, media, and sport committee in the House of Commons today. Check out the live updates here. It’s fascinating.

    Top trending tech news:

    😬 Facebook faces FTC privacy inquiry (BBC)

    🚗 Arizona blocked Uber’s self-driving car tests (TNW)

    😮 26 popular VPNs are keeping tabs on you (TNW)

    What we’re talking about:

    More than one month ago, we reported hobbyist rocketeer “Mad” Mike Hughes again failed to launch himself into space in order to prove the Earth flat. On Sunday, the AP reported the rocketman finally got it up.

    Rant of the day: It’s 2018, and most conferencing tech is still crap.

    We love the Twitter account @smolrobots. It’s just drawings of smol robots.

    Hate sleeping well at night? Check out this scary thread explaining how much of your info Google and Facebook have:

    An Uber driver decided to take on a flight of stairs. He lost.

    P.S. TNW’s Amsterdam Conference is coming up… and the line-up of speakers looks banging. Come say hi.

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    Oh no.

    Love you, mean it!

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