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This article was published on February 8, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: Rocket man can’t get it up

TNW’s Big Spam: Rocket man can’t get it up

Hope you enjoyed our TNW Answers session and newsletter takeover yesterday from CryptoKitties. We’ll announce the winners of the CryptoKitties soon… We’ve got a virgin Gen 0 (very valuable) and two virgin Gen 1s (slightly less but also valuable).

Top trending tech news:

✈️ Google lets you book hotels/flights from search results (TNW)
Snapchat launched a live video tool for the Olympics
? Twitter and Pornhub banned AI-generated celeb porn (TNW)

What we’re talking about:

In China, a dystopian nightmare is coming true — the police just unveiled facial recognition glasses for surveillance.

Turns out 44% of Bitcoin transactions are for illegal activities. ?

Sick of sending poop swirls to your friends? The 2018 Unicode list has been finalized — and there are 157 new emoji you’ll be obsessed with.

You can listen to the Falcon Heavy’s thunderous launch in 3D audio, just like you’ve always wanted.

Male Uber drivers are paid more than female drivers. Here’s why.

This cute robot could be the answer in curing loneliness for children with long-term illnesses.

Rocket Man can’t get it up: “Mad” Mike Hughes promised last November he’d launch himself 1,800 feet into space to prove the Earth is flat. This week, he tried again. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.

AI-powered bathroom cam network is Reddit’s most WTF shower thought.

Finally, tech promised us workplace freedom but killed our home life. Here’s how to not let it destroy your happiness.

Tweets of the day:

Why isn’t there any federal funding for better wigs for the president?

Love you, mean it!

<3 TNW Editorial