This article was published on April 17, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: And the Pulitzer for the best newsletter goes to…

TNW’s Big Spam: And the Pulitzer for the best newsletter goes to…

Tuesday snooze day, amirite?

Tomorrow, marijuana mogul Socrates Rosenfeld is taking over TNW’s Big Spam before hosting TNW Answers on 4/20 (Friday). Tell everyone you know. ?

Top trending tech news:

?Facebook is reportedly testing payments in India (TNW)

?...their facial recognition is also facing a class-action lawsuit (BBC)
Weibo is backtracking from a gay content ban (BBC)

What we’re talking about:

The Pentagon is focusing on AI even though the president possibly doesn’t know how to spell it.

It’s time to boycott Amazon.


Drones will soon decide who to kill.

Reddit nerds are competing to prove their country is the most Bitcoin-friendly.

Elon Musk replaces robots at Tesla factory because “humans are underrated.” We beg to differ:

You can now watch the first HD VR video filmed in space. Did you hit the cameras when you fell from heaven? ??

Facebook says it wants to give you control over your data. It won’t.

There are only 37 days left before TNW’s Amsterdam Conference… did you know 37 is the maximum number of 5th powers needed to sum to any number? If you understand what that means, please explain it to us.

Tweet of the day:

Worth the click. Promise.

Love you, mean it!

<3 TNW Editorial

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