This article was published on March 23, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: Now turn air into tequila plz

TNW’s Big Spam: Now turn air into tequila plz

The winners from the polls this week: bathroom, smoke, lightning, wizard… there you go… ^

Top trending tech news:

?? Binance is moving to Europe (TNW)
? IG is putting new posts first again (TNW)
?? The UK launched the first crypto assets task force

What we’re talking about:

YouTube is banning gun videos… now they’re reappearing on Pornhub. Where else would they go?

The Cambridge Analytica scandal could seriously harm legitimate data research efforts.

YouTube is bringing its original content to theaters this year, and Susan Sarandon and Eminem are already tied to new projects.

Craigslist is killing off its personal ads to keep sex traffickers at bay.

MIT’s new invention can pull drinking water from desert air. They should make one of these for tequila.

P.S. TNW’s Amsterdam Conference is coming up… and the line-up of speakers looks banging. Come say hi.

Tweet of the day:

Can we start a Kickstarter, or…

Love you, mean it!

<3 TNW Editorial

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