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This article was published on April 18, 2018

    TNW’s Big Spam: I am the Master Algorithm

    TNW’s Big Spam: I am the Master Algorithm
    OK, today we promised you a newsletter takeover from marijuana mogul Socrates Rosenfeld… sorry, it’s actually tomorrow. But you can still ask him a question before his TNW Answers session on Friday (4/20). 

    Top trending tech news:

    😮 Cambridge Analytica exec revealed there were more data-collecting quizzes (TNW)

    😬 … and they were planning to launch a cryptocurrency for selling personal data (TNW)

    📰 Apple to develop a premium news subscription service (TNW)

    What we’re talking about:

    Social media use is increasing even though everyone is freaking out about their data. Seems reasonable. 

    “Master Algorithm” may emerge sooner than we think. It is me. I am the Master Algorithm.

    Dungeons & Dragons co-creator’s unpublished works are being made into video games.

    Snapchat launched user-built face Lenses. Let’s see how many variations of the dog filter come out of this.

    Amazon just launched an Android web browser and we’re confused.

    NASA’s new Galactic Positioning System could lead to a truly autonomous spacecraft.

    Pornhub hopped into bed with Verge cryptocurrency to offer anonymous payments.

    IMPORTANT: Kanye West is back on Twitter. Filling us with joy, just when we needed him most.

    There are only 36 days left before TNW’s Amsterdam Conference… 36 is the number of UK gallons in a standard beer barrel. Make of that what you will.

    Tweet of the day:

    His poor tootsies 😞

    Love you, mean it!

    <3 TNW Editorial

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