This article was published on March 29, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: Our fork is hard

TNW’s Big Spam: Our fork is hard
Georgina Ustik
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Georgina Ustik

Former TNW editor and creative

Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech. Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech.

We’re a little late today… because we’re launching Hardfork, a brand new TNW-powered blog all about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the people behind them. ENJOY!

Top trending tech news:

? Facebook is blocking third-party data brokers (TNW)
? They’re also testing a private comment feature (TNW)
?? In-N-Out Burger is suing a YouTube prankster

What we’re talking about:

Autoplaying video ads are coming to LinkedIn. Gee, thanks.

The Instagram account @garyjanetti reimagines Prince Geoge as the shadiest baby ever.

"Botox! Get Botox!"

A post shared by Gary Janetti (@garyjanetti) on

Many things about Donnie worry us — his visage resembling the shade of Nacho Cheese Dorito dust, for example — but the president’s obsession with Amazon might be the most worrisome.

This developer created an Alexa-controlled robot tank to deliver beer. Well done, sir.

Mario Kart and Monopoly don’t belong together.

There’s now a smartwatch for fans of inspirational quotes because apparently there’s a market for such a thing. LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. ️

P.S. TNW’s Amsterdam Conference is coming up… and the line-up of speakers looks banging. Come say hi.

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