This article was published on May 9, 2018

TNW’s Big Spam: Can we sniff your meat?

TNW’s Big Spam: Can we sniff your meat?
Georgina Ustik
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Georgina Ustik

Former TNW editor and creative

Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech. Georgina created Big Spam, and wants to see more inclusion in tech.

We’re still at Google’s I/O 2018 conference all week… Here’s all the jazzy stuff that’s happened so far.

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Top trending (Google) tech news:

? Google Maps now uses the camera to figure out which direction you’re facing (TNW)

? iOS 11.4 will reportedly make it harder for cops and robbers to extract data from your iPhone (TNW)

? Google is adding predictive type feature called Smart Compose (TNW)

What we’re talking about:

Here’s what I’m going to buy your mom for Mother’s Day.

Mining asteroids could make us super duper rich. Let’s get started. 

An absolute madman built a Mario Kart clone in pure CSS.

This gadget wants to sniff your meat.

This street artist made $1K by adding a Bitcoin QR code to his street mural.

Google doesn’t want you to buy their dongle.

It turns out Android P uses AI, not magic or a therapist, to learn how bright you like your screen.

We all want John Legend to whisper to us from a small metal object. Dreams really do come true.

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Tweet of the day:

Love you, mean it!

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And his name was Dries... writing to his BFF Laurens.

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