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This article was published on February 19, 2018

    TNW’s Big Spam: 88.9% of you love GIFs that make your eyes bleed

    TNW’s Big Spam: 88.9% of you love GIFs that make your eyes bleed

    Happy Monday. Per your request, we brought back the seizure-inducing GIF to our newsletter… freaks.

    Top trending tech news:

    🏠 AirBnB is investing in new tech to crack down on sex-trafficking (Thomson Reuters Foundation)
    ⚖️ A federal court ruled embedding a tweet can be copyright infringement (TorrentFreak)
    💀 88.9% of you love GIFs that make your eyes bleed Wikipedia Zero is dead (TNW)

    What we’re talking about:

    Zuck’s at it again — Facebook is planning to thwart election ad fraud with postcards.

    Last week, Google Images made downloading photos more annoying by removing the “View Image” button. Here’s how to get it back.

    Apple has a shiny new HQ, with a pretty huge design flaw — their employees keep walking into the glass walls. (Bloomberg)

    Blockchain tech could keep child-mined cobalt out of our phones.

    Here’s why Edward Snowden supports anonymous cryptocurrencies.

    Republican politicians are blaming “Call of Duty” and “John Wick” for gun violence. (Digital Trends)

    Tweet of the day:

    We salute you.

    Love you, mean it!

    <3 TNW Editorial

    88.9% of you love your eyes to bleed

    On Friday we said we were taking a break from our GIF. Almost 90% of you weren’t having it.

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