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This article was published on October 2, 2019

Revealing TNW2020’s first speakers: Chris Messina, Basecamp’s Jason Fried, and Microsoft’s Mary Gray

Revealing TNW2020’s first speakers: Chris Messina, Basecamp’s Jason Fried, and Microsoft’s Mary Gray
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Camille Charluet

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Remember the last presentation that covered you in goosebumps? For me, it was James Beacham’s talk about the mysteries of time and space at TNW2019. His perfect blend of vivid descriptions, powerful visuals, and spine-tingling foresight about the universe left me completely captivated.

Every year, we handpick the best minds in tech, like Beacham, to leave our attendees radiating with inspiration. As we gear up for TNW2020, we think it’s about time to reveal some big names you won’t want to miss. But before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s some essential info about our next flagship event:

Save the date: TNW2020 is on June 18 and 19

Next year will be the 15th edition of our annual tech event — pretty crazy, huh? And once again, we’re thrilled to host it at NDSM in Amsterdam. The industrial waterside terrain truly made it feel like a festival. We can’t wait to transform the 40,000 square meters into a tech playground all over again. 

While we pride ourselves on delivering goosebump-worthy content, the reasons to attend don’t stop there. We unite 20,000 tech-minded people and hundreds of companies to network, discover, and discuss the world of tech. With intimate roundtables, practical workshops, and city-wide side events, there’s plenty of moments to learn and make valuable connections. Oh, and did we mention there will be parties?

We’ll announce more juicy details soon. Now it’s time to reveal three big names you won’t want to miss at TNW2020: 

Jason Fried, Founder of Basecamp

“Protect your attention like you protect your friends, family, money, etc. It’s among the most valuable things you have.” Those are the wise words of Jason Fried: co-founder and president of Basecamp, a Chicago-based company that builds web-based productivity tools. 

Fried is also the host of the popular REWORK podcast and the coauthor of four books, Getting Real, REWORK, Remote, and, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work. Throughout his books and talks, Fried thinks deeply about collaboration, productivity, and the nature of work.

If you’re looking for revolutionary ways to keep your workplace happy and healthy, then Jason Fried is a must-see.

Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag

In 2007, Chris Messina accidentally changed the world by inventing the hashtag. Who would’ve thought the below tweet could have such an impact on the way we group messages and important events…

Since then, Messina has designed many powerful products and experiences for Google and Uber and founded several innovative startups. Most recently he co-founded Molly: a conversational social AI startup that uses your online presence to create a knowledge base.

Now, Messina travels the world speaking about social technology, product design, founder culture, and mental fitness. Catch him at TNW2020 to learn about just that.

Mary Gray, Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft 

With a background in anthropology and a Ph.D. in Communication, Mary Gray studies how technology access, material conditions, and everyday uses of tech transforms people’s lives. She’s also a Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, an Associate Professor at Indiana University, and an author of many books.

Her most recent book titled Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass shines a light on the human labor required to run the world’s AI systems. She has also written a number of books exploring how young people in rural US use the internet to craft their identities, local belonging, and connections to broader queer communities.

Want to learn about the emerging field of AI and ethics? Then don’t miss Mary Gray at TNW2020.

Ready to be inspired?

Each year, we give the world’s brightest minds a stage to present you with bold perspectives about our digital future. No matter where your interest in technology lies, you can be sure that TNW2020 will leave you feeling inspired, connected, and full of remarkable ideas for months to come.

If you’d like to attend the 15th edition of our flagship event on June 18 and 19, 2020, make sure to secure your tickets now before prices rise.

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