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This article was published on September 3, 2015

    TNW Conference USA: Our biggest ever speaker announcement

    TNW Conference USA: Our biggest ever speaker announcement
    Matthew Elworthy
    Story by

    Matthew Elworthy

    Marketing Manager, TNW Events

    What does the CEO of the fastest growing company on the planet, the man behind what TIME has dubbed ‘the phone of dreams,’ and the former founder of an anonymous networking app once dubbed ‘the darling of Silicon Valley’ have in common?

    They were all confirmed this week as speakers for TNW USA ’15, alongside nine other new editions – so we’re nowhere near finished with the impressive accolades.

    Aside from making 1,500 invaluable new connections, discovering 120 handpicked startups and learning from the stories behind these successes, you’ll also hear from:

    • The founder of a collaboration suite that you definitely use to organise your business
    • The marketing VP of a company growing so fast that Forbes compared them to Donald Trump and Uber
    • A quantitative growth master responsible for optimizing more than $1 billion worth of ads
    • A co-founder disrupting co-working (and securing a $10 billion valuation in the process)
    • As well as the COO of a company that deals solely in… GIFs.

    If you care about growth, marketing, or the art of building yourself an audience against all odds, you need to be at TNW Conference this November. Ticket prices are now set to rise regularly – find out when the next price increase will be here or discover the names behind these incredible accomplishments below.

    Screenshot 2015-09-03 12.24.51

    David Glickman
    CEO, Ultra Mobile
    #1 Fastest growing company 2015 – Inc. 5000 List

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 3
    Carl Pei
    Co-Founder & CEO, OnePlus
    ‘The phone of dreams’ – TIME Magazine

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 2
    Jason Fried
    Co-Founder & CEO, Basecamp
    Jason is also responsible for Highrise, Backpack, Campfire, and more.

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 4
    Joanna Stern
    Personal Technology Columnist, Wall Street Journal
    Previously editorial at ABC, The Verge & Engadget.

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 6
    David Byttow
    Founder & CEO, Secret
    ‘The darling of Silicon Valley’ – Mashable

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 7
    Matt Epstein
    VP Marketing, Zenefits
    One of the world’s fastest growing Saas Companies  ($4.5B valuation).

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 5
    Julie Ask
    VP & Principal Researcher, Forrester
    Internationally renowned expert on mobile.

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 8
    Samir Patel
    President & CEO, Growth Machines
    Mentor at 500Startups. Has optimized $1B+ in ads.

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 10
    Miguel Mckelvey
    Co-Founder & CCO, WeWork
    50 Locations, 16 cities, and a $10 billion valuation.

    Speakers_-_TNW_Conference_USA_2015 9
    Adam Leibsohn
    COO, Giphy
    The largest search platform dedicated to animated images.

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