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This article was published on October 8, 2016

Tinder CEO Sean Rad has the scoop on how to build a better dating profile

Tinder CEO Sean Rad has the scoop on how to build a better dating profile
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Tinder’s maligned CEO Sean Rad took the stage today at the New Yorker’s 2016 TechFest. While under the spotlight, Rad schooled users on what everyone really wants to know: ‘how do you build a better Tinder profile?’ Rad told the audience:

We have sociologists on staff who look at this stuff all day long. What gets you the most swipes from a sociological perspective? What are people looking for?

It’s true. We’ve detailed the work of these sociologists a time or two in the past. In this case, Rad says it’s better to just keep it simple. “Smiling in a photo is better,” he noted. “Wear bright colors to stand out. Write something in your bio. If you showcase one of your interests, you’ll stand out.”

Career is also key.

According to the slides in the background of Rad’s appearance, the ‘claimed’ job title of the most swiped men are pilot, founder/entrepreneur, and firefighter — in that order. The most swiped female professions are physical therapists, interior designers, and founder/entrepreneur.

Essentially, you just need to be yourself. Or, if yourself kinda sucks, just get a new job and try to be more like someone else.