This article was published on June 5, 2018

Watch Tim Draper ‘rap’ about Bitcoin at #TNW2018

Tim Draper is a Bitcoin hustle... He is a blockchain bustle

Neer Varshney
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Neer Varshney

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Tim Draper, American venture capital investor and a known name in the cryptocurrency industry, was speaking at the TNW Conference last month when he did something that confirmed his position as the biggest Bitcoin nerd of all.

Justina Lee from Bloomberg was interviewing Draper, when she asked her final question: “How will blockchain change the world?”. Draper responded, “Well, okay. Here, I have got to go to my notes.” Donning his signature Bitcoin tie, Draper whipped up his phone and – to the amusement of the audience – started spitting some fire rhymes.

Lee was so impressed by Draper’s performance, that she later wrote an article about it on Bloomberg. But it seems Motherboard’s Jordan Pearson wasn’t happy with Lee calling whatever Draper performed a “rap.”

“I am convinced that this bizarre display is not a rap. It’s barely singing. Really, it is just totally, completely strange,” Pearson wrote. “To my ear, it lies somewhere between a schoolteacher reading a book to children very slowly, slam poetry, and frankly just very bad singing.”

I will leave it up to you to watch the video and decide whether Draper’s performance qualifies as “rap” or “noise,” but as far as I am concerned — I haven’t been able to stop myself from humming Draper’s lyrics ever since I first listened to them. “I am a Bitcoin hustle…I am a blockchain bustle…Get your hustle going, flex your crypto muscle, yaaay!”

If you want to watch the whole video of Draper’s interview, you can see it here:

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