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This article was published on September 16, 2021

Thrust yourself to the top of an IT hiring search with this CompTIA security certification collection

Thrust yourself to the top of an IT hiring search with this CompTIA security certification collection
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The 2021 CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle can help IT specialists learn the skills to ace four of CompTIA’s most critical cybersecurity exams.

For those looking to bolster their career in cybersecurity, certification from CompTIA is premier recognition of your skills.

Over the past four decades, the non-profit trade group has become one of the pre-eminent IT knowledge centers anywhere, offering the professional-grade testing and credentialing that have become hiring manager short-hand for “top candidate who knows their stuff.”

Of course, getting the right training to pass CompTIA exams and earn those valuable career certificates is almost as important as the training itself. With the courses at the heart of The 2021 CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle ($30, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), students will be poised to know exactly what to expect from a CompTIA exam — and what it will take to hoist a thick handful of top-notch certifications once the training is complete.

This package brings together four courses brimming with over 150 hours of content that will help learners take and ace four of CompTIA’s elite security courses and seriously charge up their resumes.

In the CompTIA CASP+ course, students get some of the best possible hands-on training geared toward IT pros who are looking to push the boundaries of their abilities. In this trainig, students learn how to implement cryptographic techniques, handle advanced authentication and authorization protocols, deal with security incidents, and more. 

Meanwhile, the CompTIA PenTest+ training preps IT pros to go on the offensive against hacking and outside intrusion, covering the most up-to-date testing and vulnerability assessment techniques anywhere. From customizing frameworks to find the best information to testing devices in new environments to communicating effective strategies for improving the overall state of a computer network, this training gets deep inside some of the most critical areas of learning in the field.

With CompTIA CySA+, students get into best practices and practical application for handling threats, threat management, reconnaissance, and countermeasures, common vulnerabilities, security architectures, and even common toolsets.

Finally, the CompTIA Security+ course rounds out the training, helping learners monitor and secure hybrid environments, respond to cybersecurity events and incidents, and put new cybersecurity solutions into effect. By the time students are done, they’re ready to take and ace exams in these key CompTIA knowledge areas.

While each of these courses is a nearly $300 value separately, the entire 2021 CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle is available now for less than $8 per course at just $30.

Prices are subject to change

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