This article was published on February 17, 2012

This week’s most useful new social media tools

This week’s most useful new social media tools

Welcome to our regular round-up of the latest tools and apps that are generating some buzz online.

Let’s get straight in there…

1. Track the social media performance of your competitors with – This new service gives you the ability to monitor the performance of Facebook and Twitter accounts you don’t own, serving up invaluable insights and stats. You can even measure ‘output versus effectiveness’. Very handy!

Tags: Analytics, Twitter, Facebook

2. Get your group (tweet) on with – Wouldn’t it be great if your business Twitter account could have multiple admins just like your Facebook page? Well, thanks to, this has been made possible. Features include message moderation and priority message delivery.

Tags: Twitter, Business

3. Create a beautiful landing page in minutes with – The way your landing pages look and operate across social media, email and online marketing channels is vital if you want to convert visitors into buyers. This app will give you the tools to make some magic happen.

Tags: Design, Websites

4. Get a free report about the performance of your website with – How does your website stack up against your competitors? An easy way of finding that out is via which gives you everything from ‘broken link’ reports to website speed stats. Try it now!

Tags: Stats, Insights

5. Market your product online more effectively with– Up until now, the product promotion your loyal customers undertake on your behalf has been unstructured and untapped. is changing this to help put the right deals in front of the right influencers via specially created button and dashboard. We also have 500 beta invites to share with you. Just visit and use the following code: nextweb

Tags: Affiliate Marketing, Product Promotion

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