This article was published on June 10, 2011

This week’s most talked about social media tools and platforms

This week’s most talked about social media tools and platforms

This is the first of a weekly series, in which every Friday, we’ll look at five social media tools and platforms that are on the rise. This week we’re looking at a site that takes the pain out of WordPress theme design, a nifty retweet counting tool and ‘TweetDeck for email’.

Let’s get stuck in!

1. takes WordPress theme generation to a new level – For the millions of WordPress fans around the world, this tool is a dream come true. Lubith gives you the power to generate the themes you’ve always waned to create on the WordPress platform. It is incredibly easy to use too. Check out the handy tutorials section for more information and help.

2. Create your own iPhone app with – The FT stole the app show this week with the launch of its HTML5 mobile application but if you still fancy creating a ‘traditional’ app, is a good place to start. You’ll need to use Google’s Chrome browser to try it out though.

3. takes a shot a Topsy’s Twitter data dominance – Don’t let this very basic site fool you, the insight it gives you is immense! works by analysing how many times specific content on a page has been shared on Twitter. It displays this information in a simple box above the content in without having to trawl through sharing buttons and the like. Give it a try here.

4. GeeMail delivers Gmail from your desktop – If you’re a Gmail fan, especially those people who use it as a primary email platform, will love this. GeeMail brings you all the Gmail functionality you are accustomed to but does it within an Adobe AIR powered desktop programme. It’s a little like TweetDeck for your Email / Gmail.

5. PageSpeed from Google does what it says on the tin – PageSpeed is really neat and simple tool that can be used to assess the page load speed of websites. It will give your site a score out of 100 and tell you which sections of your site need more attention than others. Check out the FAQs here.

That’s it for this week.

We’ll be back with more new ans useful social media tools next Friday.