This article was published on July 15, 2011

This Week’s Most Talked About Social Media Tools

This Week’s Most Talked About Social Media Tools

This is the sixth of a weekly series, in which every week, we’ll look at five social media tools and platforms that have created some buzz over the last week.

This week’s most high profile launch belonged to – the site that helps you create your own infographics with minimal fuss. [Read our launch story on here] But, as usual, there are some other gems out there that you can’t afford you miss either.

Here’s this week’s top five:

  1. Turn your tweets into a fan page with – This clever tool takes your Twitter feed and arranges the content on a single page that helps your tweets tell a more complete story (Kim Sherrell’s Twylah page is as an excellent case in point) . Check out Robert Scoble’s review video for more information.
  2. See what the world ‘likes’ with – Billed as a ‘global popularity engine’, Likester works by aggregating preference data from people all around the world and then breaks it down into six key areas: My Likes, Friends, Everyone, Trending, Likester Lists and Reports. The Trending tab has some major upside (as more and more people join up to the service) and the My Likes tab gives you all of your personal Facebook likes in one spot. Very handy indeed!
  3. Build a personalised Intranet with – There are a bunch of collaboration tools out there but most are too sophisticated to penetrate an entire organisation. is a more simple, yet effective option worth considering. It’s ‘drag and drop’ interface and organisation functions are particularly strong. Check out the examples page on the site for more.
  4. Brainstorm domain names with – While this site’s own name is a little questionable, the results it spits out make up for it. helps you develop domain names based on availability and specification.
  5. Assess competitor websites in click with – As usual, we finish off this week’s post with arguably the most useful tool. SiteTrail gives you a snapshot of the performance of any website (for free) at any time you like. It will give you traffic data, total backlinks, Twitter followers linked to that site and much, much more. You can even ‘trail’ the sites your are most interested in on an on-going basis. Check out the about page for more information.