This article was published on July 1, 2011

This week’s most popular social media tools and platforms

This week’s most popular social media tools and platforms

Welcome to our regular look at the online tools and platforms that have been generating buzz over the last seven days. The big story of the week has been the Google+ Project – dubbed by many as Google’s answer to Facebook, Google+ is trying to bring all of your social sharing together in the single place.

As it has been talked about so much this week (well done to Google’s publicity machine!) we’re going to focus on five other tools and platforms that you should check out too.

Here they come…

  1. serves up your “Career Score” – The official line on this is that it analyses data from your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora profiles, as well as web search results, to give you a ‘career visibility score’. It is based on things like the strength of your networks and recommendations, and even gives you tips for improvement. My favourite element of is the way your scores are presented, giving you clear and concise benchmarks to work from. Get the complete low down here.
  2. VerticalResponse brings easy social sharing to your email – For marketers, VerticalResponse’s new social sharing email functionality could make a huge difference to big campaigns. It works by importing Facebook ‘like’, Twitter ‘tweet’ and LinkedIn ‘share’ buttons into your emails, giving recipients the opportunity to share from the one place. It also has an analytics feature built in so you’ll know how many clicks have generated from those emails. Sign up for free here.
  3. Memonic delivers an Evernote alternative that’s worth a peek – Evernote has fast become one of the web’s most popular organisational and clipping tools. delivers an Evernote-esque experience and allows collaborative sharing across Web, Windows and OS X desktops, iOS, and Android. The Chrome add-on is especially handy. Take the full tour here.
  4. wants to be your complete social dashboard – A week barely goes by anymore without a new product being launched that will supposedly ‘bring all of your social accounts together in the one place’. LiveGO is having a go anyway and its main point of difference is its integration with MSN Messenger and other IM services, living side-by-side with Twitter and Facebook. If you like instant chatting, this might be one for you. Find out more about LiveGO here.
  5. Make your meetings work better with yaM – yaM stands for ‘Yet Another Meeting’ and aims to take the frustration out of meetings. It brings all of your notes, agendas, dates and files all together in the one place. You can create meetings, add people, write agendas and take notes in a collaborative way, and it is all updated in real-time. Watch the introductory video here.

So while Google+ hogged the spotlight this week, several other tools and platforms still made enough noise to be featured here.

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