This article was published on March 9, 2012

This week’s hottest new social media tools

This week’s hottest new social media tools

It’s time!

You know the score, let’s unwrap this week’s goodies…

1. Increase your YouTube subscriber numbers in a ‘legal’ and transparent way with – Here’s a novel idea! Anyone with a YouTube channel knows how tough it can be to add new subscribers, even if you have the most compelling content on the planet. helps you grow your YouTube audience by linking you up with other channel owners, allowing you to add up to 10 susbscribers a day for free. Watch the ‘Sub4Sub’ introduction video here.

2. Get your hands on your own ‘in app’ payment solution with – If you are a developer and want to enable ‘in app’ payments within the app you’ve created, is worth a look. The best part? Commission rates are very reasonable.

3. Mobilize your website in a flash thanks to – We all know that accessing content via mobile devices is a crucial part of your overall digital presence but does your site deliver what your visitors expect when it comes to mobile? If you’re not sure, visit SquareShare and get a free assessment.

4. Post your job vacancies to multiple job sites in one click with – You thought job vacancies were only posted on LinkedIn?! Nuh uh. Resfly gives you the ability to cross-post on a number of other networks including, Simply Hired and Get posting!

5. Add some extra power to your reputation management capabilities with – If you are monitoring several social media accounts you’ll know that those annoying spammers and foul-mouthed trolls like to invade your space. is one such option if you need such help.