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This article was published on January 27, 2012

    This week’s best new social media tools

    This week’s best new social media tools

    It’s been another huge week in the world of new web apps and social media tools.

    The award for the ‘buzziest’ launch of the week has to go to – the collaboration tool from Berlin-based start-up 6Wunderkinder. [Watchthe story behind Wunderkit, the impressive new social productivity platform]

    But, there were some others generating noise too, and here they are (complete with easy-to-categorise ‘tags’ for the first time)…

    1. Check out what’s trending on Instagram with – Imagine Google Images for Instagram mixed in with information about which images are ‘hot right now’ and you have You can even search for images by location. Boom!

    Tags: Photo sharing, Instagram, Image Search

    2. Build a website that looks good on any device with – The ethos behind is what many marketers and comms pros having been banging on about for years: Build a simple and user-friendly website as opposed to something that just ‘looks cool’. This site helps you do just that. Take the Plebu tour here.

    Tags: Websites, Website Design, Website Tools

    3. Monitor and anlayse global social media stats with – If You like and you’ll like ZoomSphere’s ‘charts’ functionality and reporting. You can also monitor for keyword mentions with ZoomSphere too. Nice.

    Tags: Social Media Analytics, Social Media Stats, Keyword Tracking

    4. Social video gets cool thanks to – A bunch of ‘social video’ sites seem to be popping up at the moment but this one might be the best one we’ve seen. (amazing URL by the way!) takes videos posted by your social networks and brings together the most popular ones. You can also post videos direct to Keep our eyes on this one, definitely one to watch!

    Tags: Social Video, Online Video, Social Networks

    5. Convert your text copy to HTML in a flash with – If you write for the web regularly you’ll know that converting your text into ‘web language’ can sometimes be a pain in the a**. This Windows-based tools takes some of the pain away. Ahhhh.

    Tags: Web Editing, HTML Tools, Copywriting

    That’s it for this week.