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This article was published on August 5, 2011

    This week’s most talked about social media tools

    This week’s most talked about social media tools

    This is the ninth of a weekly series, in which every week, we’ll look at five social media tools and platforms that have created some buzz over the last week. As usual, we’ve tracked down some great tools that can help you and your business do more in this ever evolving space.

    So, whether you manage small start-up business or lead a team of marketers for a large global brand, we’ve got you covered.

    1. Bring live chat to your website with SnapEngage.com – As the demo video at SnapEngage.com will tell you, an e-commerce site without a live chat function is like opening a physical store without staff behind the counters. SnapEngage serves up a solution thanks to its neat live chat software which integrates into your site, allowing for instant interaction with visitors when they drop by. Check out the features page for more information.
    2. Facebook analytics on steroids now available thanks to PageLever.comIf you’re responsible for managing a Facebook page you’ll know the insights dashboard isn’t exactly the most robust thing on the planet. PageLever.com solves this problem by bringing you all the Facebook engagement analytics you could dream of. Check out the demo video for more.
    3. Treat your customers to continuous tunes with Galaxie music – Have you ever thought about setting up a music solution for your business but been a little put off by the potential cost? Galaxie solves this problem by delivering commercial-free, all-rights paid music to your customers as part of its very competitive broadcast package. There’s even a corporate edition if you just want to make music available to your employees while they work.
    4. Get Instagram for the web with Pixlr-o-matic – Now it’s time to introduce you to this week’s most addictive tool – Pixlr-o-matic. This easy-to-use web application takes your pictures, applies filters / effects, slaps on a nice frame, and gives you a final product ready for immediate publishing. Check out some examples here.
    5. Gauge the temperature of your customer base with CustomerThermometer.com – Billed as a ‘one-click real-time customer satisfaction survey’, CustomerThermometer.com is well worth a look. Using a series of templates, you can tailor your survey before sending it out from the same dashboard.