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This website turns your photographic genius into crayon wall art

This website turns your photographic genius into crayon wall art
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Much like one of our favorite applications, Prisma, ColorWorks is meant to create unique masterpieces out of your digital work. While Prisma takes a digital approach through use of really amazing artificial intelligence and filters, ColorWorks’ approach is decidedly more analog — but we love it just the same.

Rather than just printing your images and framing your new work of art, ColorWorks uses hundreds — or even thousands — of crayons to create something entirely unique. Just snap a photo on your smartphone and a team of artists will painstakingly create it using the tip of a crayon to represent a single pixel.

Artists have a palette of 173 different shades of crayon to work with and while it’s not as sharp as a photograph, and color representation is more than a few shades short of the millions your cell phone is capable of, it’s a fun and funky way to display your images in a whole new way.

You can grab pre-made artwork on the website starting at $69 for a six-inch design created from 195 crayons, or you can go for the gusto and order a custom size from any image you want (up to 37-inches by 55-inches). Granted, the latter requires nearly 15,000 crayons and will set you back $3,229.

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