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This article was published on October 29, 2021

This top-rated Mac app is how you can finally get that crazy workflow under control

This top-rated Mac app is how you can finally get that crazy workflow under control
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TLDR: Pagico 10 is the newly redesigned all-in-one app for getting all your tasks, projects, and file organization whipped into shape.

Poke around in virtually anybody’s work devices, work notes, or daily work responsibilities and you’re likely to find a fair amount of absolute chaos just under the surface. Sure, most responsible employees have a decent grasp on the projects they’re handling, their timelines, and their overall workflow. But there’s usually so much going on that it doesn’t take a lot for items to start falling through the cracks.

And then when you start adding new work, or putting items on the backburner for a while…well, it can turn your worklife into a train wreck pretty quickly.

Pagico has long been one of the elite go-to apps for managing everything from individual files and projects to an overall schedule and daily tasks. Now, they’ve unveiled the completely overhauled Pagico 10 ($24.99, 50 percent off, from TNW Deals), the latest reimagining of the popular platform that turns all of your data and ongoing projects into a thoroughly organized, heavily visual system for keeping everything on track without ever letting anything slip.

With Pagico’s intuitive interface, it’s simple to turn all your tasks and lists into clear and meaningful timelines, each armed with all the resources needed to get a project done right and on-time.

Users can open a Pagico 10 task, attach all the necessary files and other information you’ll need, then build in your timelines for getting things done. Everything is displayed in easy-to-follow, color-coded files and tabs so it’s simple to see at glance exactly where every bit of work on your plate stands.

More fluid and comfortable than previous Pagico versions, Pagico 10 gets all your project tabs a click away, with easy organization that helps keep it all straight. Lists can be added, edited with simple arrow commands, then saved with lightning-speed. Unlike other task managers that take forever to load files, then save changes, Pagico 10 moves like a freight train, handling several tasks simultaneously so the app is always keeping up with you rather than you waiting for the app.

See your daily schedule, centralize notes, create customized sidebars and dashboards, collaborate with teammates, or even work offline — Pagico 10 makes all of that possible.

Fans are happy with those tools for working smarter and more productively, giving Pagico a 4.3 out of 5 star rating from more than 120 reviews.

A $50 value, you can use Pagico Task and Data Management Software to get all your work under control at half off its regular price, now on sale for just $24.99.

Prices are subject to change

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