This article was published on December 2, 2016

This sperm test via smartphone proves there’s an app for everything

This sperm test via smartphone proves there’s an app for everything
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Fertility clinics probably aren’t the most comfortable places to “extract” sperm. I haven’t had the pleasure, but being handed a receptacle and led into a room with visual aids and hearing that door close behind you has to be a bit awkward. More awkward is the thought that everyone outside this room knows the dirty things I’m about to do to this cup in the name of science.

A new product, ‘YO Sperm Test,’ lets you skip all that. The at-home test kit uses a mini-microscope that clips on to your smartphone and allows you to not only test your sperm’s motility — the rate at which they move — and the count, but to view your little swimmers on the screen of your smart device.

The device is developed by a commercial-grade solution for semen analysis, and was found to be 97 percent accurate. It’s approved by the FDA and you can pre-order yours for a January 1 launch at the website for $50.

This isn’t a thing, yet, but if I could make a suggestion it would be social integration so I can share status updates to friends, family, and followers about how my little guys are doing.

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