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This article was published on March 3, 2012

This site is Pinterest meets Instagram. Literally.

This site is Pinterest meets Instagram. Literally.

Two of the biggest social media crazes these days are no doubt Instagram and Pinterest. So it’s not surprising to find that there’s a new site, Pingram, which finds a way to combine the two.

So what does Pingram do exactly? It gives you a way to browse your Instagram feed, and popular photos, as well as see the comments that have been posted on Instagram – using Pinterest’s layout.

When you open up a photo on Pingram, it’s displayed as it would normally be seen using Instagram’s native links.

However, as far as any engagement directly on the site goes, you can’t comment on photos, and are limited to ‘pinning’ photos from the feed to your Pinterest profile. The fact that the site makes it very easy to share images directly from Instagram to Pinterest, however, could prove to be unpopular among Instagrammers themselves.

There has already been quite a bit of concern over whether or not Pinterest is continuously violating copyright laws. In fact, as VentureBeat reported, Flickr recently made the move to disable pinning from copyrighted images shared on the photography site. It should be interesting to see how Instagram users react to Pingram.

Is access to their Instagram profiles in a Pinterest-like layout enough to appease users when it comes to having their photos showing up on other people’s Pinterest profiles? We’re not too sure.

While Pinterest itself introduced a bit of code which anyone can use to disable pinning from their site, some have come out with guides on how to avoid breaking the law and still getting the most out of the social network, others still have made the decision to shut down their Pinterest accounts entirely.

What do you think of Pingram? Let us know in the comments.

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