This article was published on July 17, 2020

This security one-two punch can shield your phone from cybercrooks 

This security one-two punch can shield your phone from cybercrooks 
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TLDR: The Premium Mobile Privacy Lifetime Subscription Bundle makes sure all your phone calls and online web activity from your smartphone or tablet are always fully secure.

If you thought cybercriminals were throttling back in the age of COVID-19, economic disaster and civil unrest, then you don’t know cybercriminals. In the face of uncertainty and new avenues of exploitation, online crooks have seized the moment, launching a wave of ransomware attacks last month against more than 30 large organizations to extort huge multi-million dollar payouts.

Lining up against opponents like that, your security needs to be equally on point. That’s why the frontline defense methods available in The Premium Mobile Privacy Lifetime Subscription Bundle ($49.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) can be a staunch shield against anyone mining your smartphone or tablet for sensitive data.

The package features two world-class apps that can safeguard you and your information at the most basic level.

First, protect everything you do online with the help of Hola VPN. With over 200 million worldwide users, Hola is one of the world’s most popular VPN services, shrouding your IP address and offering complete web access with full privacy and anonymity. Sporting top of the line encryption and security protocols, all of your web traffic is completely shielded from view, making it impossible for cyber crooks to track you and infiltrate your devices.

Of course, Hola also offers the rest of the services you’d expect from a premium VPN provider, including split-tunneling technology, lightning-fast connection speeds and unvarnished access to blocked or censored websites and even streaming services that might routinely be geo-blocked in your corner of the world. The account also covers up to five devices, extending protection to your tablet, laptop, home computer and more.

On top of that, you can also lock down access to your actual phone number by setting up your own secure second line with a Hushed Private Phone Line. With Hushed, you keep your original line free as your personal number, while you give out your second Hushed line number to all your non-friends and family, including business calls, ecommerce sales or just those you’d rather not have access to your primary line.

With Hushed, you can even choose an area code anywhere in the nation, so anyone trying to track you through your Hushed number will run into a brick wall. You can customize your Hushed voicemail, and even call or text without racking up another expensive phone contract or inflating your monthly service charges. The package also includes an annual allotment of 1,000 call minutes and 6,000 SMS minutes for texting, each of which automatically renew each year. 

Together, these apps would usually cost you nearly $900, but with this offer, you get both now for life for just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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