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This article was published on May 26, 2021

This Luminar 4 bundle unleashes AI to brilliantly edit images automatically in seconds

This Luminar 4 bundle unleashes AI to brilliantly edit images automatically in seconds
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle offers AI-generated image editing abilities for creating gorgeous images in record time, along with some cool add-on packs.

Whether you’re shooting with a $2,000 DSLR camera or just your smartphone, there’s an art to capturing just the right image. Today’s camera wizardry goes a long way to helping each of us shoot pictures that are in focus and lit properly, no matter how intent most of us are at unwittingly screwing that up. But even with the assist from technology, there’s a very real skill to immortalizing a perfect moment.

Since that’s a lot easier said than done, the real trick is knowing the editing adjustments you can make afterward to take a flawed image to its luminously brilliant peak. 

In a jam-packed field of digital photo editing apps, Luminar 4 has distinguished itself for its mix of sophisticated AI-driven editing options with an intuitive interface that’s easy for both first timers and experienced pros. You can take full advantage of this powerful software with The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle, now on sale at $39.99, 85 percent off, from TNW Deals.

And yes, Luminar 4 really does have a mantlepiece full of hardware, honored with awards from groups like Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo, the Lucie Technical Awards, and the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA).

That’s because Skylum’s all-in-one photo editing and organizing software directs a wealth of  smart features at helping shooters create the crisp, vivid images they want fast.

This collection starts with access to Luminar 4 itself, the world’s first AI-powered photo editor for helping photographers of any skill level produce professional quality images.

While it can be a frustrating hunt through menus to find just the editing tool or filter you want in many high-end editing apps, Luminar 4 helps out with features like AI Accent, which automatically analyzes an image, assesses its strengths and weaknesses, then offers instant corrections by instinctively adjusting a dozen different controls at once. 

You can of course keep Luminar 4’s suggestions or make manual adjustments of your own, but this ultra intelligent photo enhancer can optimize and let you tweak shadows, highlights, contrast, tone, saturation, exposure, details and more, all with the use of one easy-to-use slider system.

Along with Luminar 4, this collection also comes with three extra add-on packs to bring some truly dynamic effects to even the most mundane photos. With Skies: Power of Nature, photogs can choose from 20 fierce and magnificent stormy skies to give an image an AI-augmented pop. In Sky Objects: Amazing Planets, creators can insert a gorgeous collection of planets and other celestial bodies to give a picture a true sci-fi vibe. And Looks: Analog Film uses 30 analog film presets to offer shots a deeper, more emotional, more thrilling and more meaningful vibe.

Right now, the full Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle collection, a $270 value, is available now at 85 percent off, just $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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