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This article was published on August 5, 2021

This ever-ready power station and solar panel are your ultimate power backup — and it’s $500 off

This ever-ready power station and solar panel are your ultimate power backup — and it’s $500 off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The combination of a HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station and the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel can have you absolutely ready when the power goes out.

One any given day, you can do a quick Google search and pull up a dozen stories. Thousands of people without power in Great Falls, Montana after a substation failed. Or thousands more in the dark after equipment failure in Denver, Colo. Or thousands more still without electricity after severe thunderstorms rolled through California’s Coachella Valley.

Every day, thousands of people worldwide are suddenly forced to make do with no power. And while many of those outages are mostly resolved within a few hours, that’s not always the case. When power outages stretch from hours to days, often in the wake of an emergency, everyone is forced to take matters into their own hands.

Reliable backup power like the combination of a Generark Solar HomePower One and a SolarPower One ($1,399, 26 percent off, from TNW Deals) can be all that stands between finding a way through power emergencies or just sitting in the dark helpless.

First, the HomePower One is stored up battery reserves whenever you need it. Packing up to 1,002 watt hours, users have upwards of 7 days worth of emergency power capable of running all their vital devices. And we don’t just mean a smartphone and tablet. With that kind of power stockpile, users have enough juice to keep appliances and other power-draining emergency lights and other equipment chugging along too.

The HomePower One can multitask like a juggler, sporting a full complement of hookup options, including 3 AC outlets, a 12-volt car outlet, and 4 USB ports. And since power emergencies almost also come as a complete surprise, the HomePower One can stand ready with a full power supply for up to a year on a single charge.

Of course, that stored-up power will run out eventually. So for situations where power outages may extend longer than your allotted 1,000 watt hours, the SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel Power Generator is ready to assist. It only takes 30 seconds to deploy these monocrystalline-powered solar cells, which are capable of drawing and storing up to 50 percent more power from solar rays than other panels to replenish your supply. After about 10 hours, your HomePower One can be back up to full strength.

The regular price for the tandem of the HomePower One and SolarPower One is usually around $1,900, but as part of this deal, shoppers can get both now for only $1,399, a savings of over 25 percent off.

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