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This article was published on November 20, 2019

This ‘elitist’ dating app matches you up for 2-minute livestream dates

This ‘elitist’ dating app matches you up for 2-minute livestream dates
Cara Curtis
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Cara Curtis

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The League dating app — you know, the elitist one that pairs users with other singles in their ‘league’ and requires LinkedIn verification — is launching a speed-dating tool that matches people up for a live two-minute video call dates. 

Starting from December 1, the League Live feature will automatically pair singles up, based on their mutual preferences and location. Once paired, users get three dates in six minutes, and to get the (awkward) conversation started, the app will present ice-breaker questions. How romantic.

During the brief face-time date, users can then “heart” the other person and if they mutually like each other, they’ll become officially “matched” and they’ll then be able to chat on the platform to organize a date. 

As The Verge first reported, the feature is available to both paying and free users, but only those who have a high “League Score,” a measurement of a users activity, whether they’ve been reported, and if they’re profile is fully complete, will have immediate access. 

The site which was launched back in 2015 quickly picked up a reputation of being for the snobbier singles as its site even says: “While your mother may call you picky, we call you self-aware” and “Why not spend your time a little more… intelligently?” — proving love is not blind. 

Now, with just 250,000 active users, The League said its early tests of the speed-dating feature showed the video calls to be most popular amongst users from 35 to 40-years-old, possibly because these successful singles are too busy hustling to spend time dating IRL. Also, the feature was most appealing to those living in rural areas that usually have to travel quite a distance to meet the potential “one,” and what successful and hustling single has time for that?

This livestream matchmaking isn’t the first of its kind however, multiple dating apps in China have been using this technology to match people up all year. Back in January, industry-leading Shijijiayuan first launched a streaming video feature meant to facilitate live conversation between multiple participants — a sort of talk show where app users are both the hosts and the audience.

As this convenience of this feature is undeniable, even for non-hustlers of the world. We shouldn’t be too surprised if one day soon leading dating apps like Tinder and Bumble release similar features. Who knew the future of online dating would look a like Chatroulette? Minus the dicks, for now…

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