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This article was published on June 7, 2016

This crazy YouTuber just beat ‘Dark Souls 3’… with his feet!

This crazy YouTuber just beat ‘Dark Souls 3’… with his feet!
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

When it comes to playing Dark Souls 3, one of the hardest games ever made, I’ve come to realize I have but one real skill — dying. I’ve perfected this skill into more of an art form after amassing some 30 hours on the game so far, a block of time that would undoubtedly double or triple if it weren’t for my penchant for rage quitting this game that’s at the same time amazing and infuriating.

While I struggle to play the game at all, Celestrian Games, a YouTuber with a penchant for making the rest of us look like chumps at Dark Soles Souls, just upped the ante by beating the entire game with his feet.

Of course, no feet feat of this magnitude would be complete without accompanying video proof, which he’s graciously provided.

Dark Souls players are cut from a different cloth, and Celestrian Games’ is by no means the first time they’ve attempted to beat the game using methods that are, well, unorthodox.

This YouTuber beat the game with the drums from Donkey Konga and another did it with the entire game flipped upside down, but still, it’s hard to argue that playing (and beating) the entire game with the limited dexterity of one’s foot doesn’t take the cake in this ever-odd battle of one-upmanship.

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