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This article was published on August 14, 2020

This comprehensive Microsoft Excel training package will teach you everything you need to know about data

This comprehensive Microsoft Excel training package will teach you everything you need to know about data
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TLDR: With the training in the Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle, you canl go from Excel novice to certified pro status.

Leave it to scientists to take the most pragmatic route to solve a problem. Geneticists were having a bear of a time using Microsoft Excel to catalog and shift through details of various human genes because the names of those genes were being mistaken by the app as dates and automatically reformatted.

Rather than suffer in silence or wait for Microsoft to adjust Excel to their needs, the entire genetics community decided instead to rename 27 human genes like March1 to less confusing, more Excel-friendly names.

That just goes to show that even in the face of major problems, using Excel is still so integral to fields like cutting edge science that they’d make changes rather than get away from the heritage app, still the industry-wide gold standard for data organization and analysis.

With the training in The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle ft. Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton ($39.99, 90 percent off from TNW Deals), you’ll have the background to go from inexperienced Excel dabbler to seasoned data analytics pro quickly.

This collection brings together 10 courses featuring more than 40 hours of training in all the key fundamentals, valuable tools and time-saving techniques that will help make Excel feel as familiar as the back of your hand.

The courses are led by top online instructors Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton, who have collectively mentored nearly a quarter-million students across their many courses. Dutton is a certified Excel expert who has developed award-winning data analytics and visualization tools featured by the New York Times, the Society of American Baseball Research and even Microsoft itself.

Even complete Excel first-timers can get onboard easily with the three-course Microsoft Excel Essentials group, featuring coverage of all the Excel basics before building to how to build powerful spreadsheet solutions of your own and even streamline your code for efficiency.

That’s just the start as further courses dig into Excel tactics used by pros, like productivity-enhancing tools, data visualization tricks and deeper exploration of the powerful and versatile Excel pivot table.

Finally, the package also includes a pair of intermediate and advanced level training courses covering elite level Excel subjects like formulas and functions, list management, and even VBA, which is basically Excel’s own coding language.

Some of these Excel training courses would normally run you almost $500 on their own, but with this collection, you’ll get all 10 courses for only $39.99, less than $4 per course while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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