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This article was published on September 30, 2021

This complete guitar master class bundle will teach you to six-string like a pro, all for under $20

This complete guitar master class bundle will teach you to six-string like a pro, all for under $20
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Across 12 courses, The 2022 Curious Guitarist Master Class Bundle can turn you into a guitar player who really knows their stuff, all for under $20.

When Keith Urban was a youngster, he learned to play guitar by slowing down records like Dire Straits’ Sultans of Swing with his fingers, figuring out songs note by note until he knew how to play them perfectly. While that approach paid off for Urban, it definitely is the painstaking path to guitar mastery.

Nobody said learning to play the six string like a country star would be easy, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that grueling. In fact, the training in the 2022 Curious Guitarist Master Class Bundle ($18 after code VIP40 from TNW Deals) is much more complete — and not nearly as monotonous a way to learn.

This collection features 12 courses with more than 74 hours of training covering every level of guitar progression, from complete novice all the way up to an experienced player.

Courses like the Beginner Guitar Lessons Crash Course and Beginners Guitar Fingerpicking get things started right at the basics, teaching first timers how to read tablatures, get a handle on chords, various strumming patterns, finger positioning, standard techniques, and more to bolster your playing confidence.

From there, Intermediate and Advanced Fingerpicking build on those skills and take the learning even further, introducing developing players to alternate bass, chord flicking, muting, advanced rhythm and polyrhythms, harmonizing, blending with percussion, and other skills that expert players use every day.

There are even courses to refine those talents, like an entire course on developing your ear to identify notes, nail your pitch, and gain 100 percent mastery naturally. There’s also complete training in what it takes to write and arrange a song that not only slaps, but also incorporates your own artistic creative marks.

Finally, there are dozens of musical sub-genres, so other courses help expose learners to all types of guitar playing approaches, with courses geared toward blues guitar, jazz guitar, and even guitar playing for kids songs. 

Each of the 12 courses in the 2022 Curious Guitarist Master Class Bundle is a $199 value. But right now, by adding the VIP sale code VIP40, you can not only enjoy the regular TNW Deals discount, but also slash an additional 40 percent off. That drops your final price for this complete guitar tutorial series to only $18.

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