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This article was published on June 5, 2021

This Arduino and ESP32 training will have you building a galaxy of IoT devices for under $25

This Arduino and ESP32 training will have you building a galaxy of IoT devices for under $25
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TLDR: The Internet of Things & ESP32 Arduino Beginners Course Bundle explains some of the best 2021 tools for creating cool web-connected smart devices all by yourself.

Learners never stop learning. That’s especially true in tech, where something new comes down the pipe every five minutes to make you throw out what came before and learn something entirely different…hopefully before the next big thing launches five minutes after that.

The interconnectedness of web-enabled devices and DIY electronics has spawned a revolutionary Internet of Things world, where refrigerators and thermostats and door locks are all smart, and it’s never been easier to learn how to build and connect those smart components yourself.

The Internet of Things and ESP32 Arduino Beginners Course Bundle is a perfect primer to ease you into this fascinating area, exploring some of the key building blocks and critical tools for using the Arduino open source programming platform and ESP32 microcontrollers to bring cool web-enabled ideas to life.

Across these seven courses all packed into just 7 hours, first time creators will get full explainers on how building and programming with Arduino components works, how to incorporate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible ESP32 controllers into your builds, and those and other pieces can all be integrated together to create some fantastic projects.

The learning begins with courses like Introduction to IoT with ESP32 and Program ESP32 without Coding. After an introduction that includes a crash course in C programming basics, users get training in how to connect Arduino boards with ESP32 for full web connectivity. It’s such a fluid process that it can even happen without ever needing to write one line of code.

Since no one ever learns quite as much as when you’re actually practicing with those new lessons, this bundle includes training in completing some specific DIY projects that take full advantage of the Arduino and ESP32 capabilities.

First, creators will assemble their own smart garden plant environment monitoring system, building the sensors that will keep an eye on water and soil moisture levels, air temperature, and humidity. Builders will also construct their own alert system using Arduino IDE pieces to read specific sensor data, then fire off an automated email if the readings stray outside a set field. Finally, students get all the training to craft an ESP32-driven web server, the simple webpage to control the server, and use it to trigger devices like motors, LEDs, relays, and more.

The Internet of Things and ESP32 Arduino Beginners Course Bundle features almost $1,400 worth of practical hands-on tech training, all now available at more than 90 percent off the regular price at just $24.99.

Prices are subject to change.