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This article was published on June 15, 2021

This Apple Mac prize bundle is worth over $5,700 — and you can win it for free.

This Apple Mac prize bundle is worth over $5,700 — and you can win it for free.
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TLDR: The Apple Mac Bundle Giveaway gives you a chance to win an Apple prize collection featuring a new Mac, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and more, just for entering the drawing.

Whether it’s feats of technical innovation and brilliance, remarkable marketing prowess, or a sophisticated combination of both, it’s pretty miraculous to step back and look at what Apple has achieved over the last 50 years.

From the Mac to the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad, Apple has not only carved out a legacy of forward-thinking products, but an almost cult-like devotion to its practices that virtually unduplicated across the rest of the tech landscape.

So if you’re going to worship at the Apple altar, you may as well be rewarded like a true believer with the riches waiting to be won in this killer Apple Mac Bundle Giveaway that’s available now.

The terms to enter this free drawing are about as simple as they come — just fill out the form with some basic information, hit submit, then cross your fingers that yours is the lucky name drawn to win an overwhelming arsenal of Apple products worth over $5,700 if you bought them yourself.

The prize list is like a murderer’s row of Apple’s all-star creations. The headliner is a beautiful 24-inch iMac, powered by an Apple M1 processor with a dazzling 4.5K Retina display monitor. Since you can’t always be locked down to a desk, there’s also a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop. And for even more mobile adventures, there is a tricked-out 12.9-inch iPad Pro too.

You’ll need stuff to enjoy on all those devices, so this package also includes a 5-year subscription to Apple One, which gathers up six of Apple’s premium online services including Apple TV, Apple Music, iCloud, and more. And to make sure you hear it all the way Steve Jobs intended, the winner also gets a cool pair of AirPods Pro earbuds to round out this collection.

One free entry gets you in the running for this awesome package, but to give yourself a real chance, we highly recommend donating to one of our favorite organizations, the fantastic Playing for Change Foundation. This 501(c)3 non-profit group is bringing the arts to all corners of the globe, building grass roots, community-based music programs for over 2,000 kids from 10 underprivileged countries around the world.

Since that’s already an organization deserving of your financial support, donate $10 to Playing for Change now and we add 100 extra entries in your name into the drawing. It’s no guarantee you’ll win, but it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances, all while giving to a very worthy cause. Your generosity only helps your odds, with escalating entries for $25 (250 entries)$50 (1,000)$75 (1,500)$100 (2,500), and $150 (4,500) donations.

Get in on the drawing now with your donations. Everything needs to be in when the contest closes and the winner is selected by Sept. 18. Help us help you help kids love music.

Prices are subject to change.

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