This article was published on April 27, 2011

What are the cool kids tweeting about these days?

What are the cool kids tweeting about these days?

Do you have Tweeter’s block? will produce your tweets for you by aggregating the words and phrases you’ve tweeted in the past. The technology might not quite be there yet, but just like watching modern day humanoid robots act like people, it’s a fun first step.

We wrote about the tweet generator when it went viral earlier this month, and while it doesn’t speak perfect English (it’s kind of like Babel Fish for Twitter), it’s a fun way to gauge whether or not you want to engage in the ultimate act of commitment – following someone.

So what are the popular kids tweeting about these days? I ran them through the generator to find out. (Creative spelling and grammar courtesy of our Tweeters.)

Lady Gaga aka @ladygaga (9,578,207 followers)

“Sang Born This Way, is Nicola, Haus of MSG, tears streaming down my fans, that’d be a creative hangover.”

Justin Bieber aka @justinbieber (9,150,289 followers)

Britney Spears aka @britneyspears (7,588,095 followers)

“Who’s Ready or not be there any duets on your boys reely want to know what is for tonight!”

Barack Obama aka @barackobama (7,521,166 followers)

“We shouldnt discourage us. It is the tremendous influence that passing of the 50th anniversary of?”

Kim Kardashian aka @kimkardashian (7,262,019 followers)

“Wise… sounds familiar not willing to always make fun Skechers commercial with Diva! OMG seriously!”

Katy Perry aka @katyperry (6,902,049 followers)

“Then you some ass seabass! or would that E.T. IS RECORD BREAKINGLY AMAZING! That’s RIGHT!”

Ashton Kutcher aka @aplusk (6,587,934 followers)

Ellen DeGeneres aka @theellenshow (6,489,368 followers)

“There are you, blinds? These are you, blinds? These two things: hiding in Orlando!”

Taylor Swift aka @taylorswift13 (6,113,813 followers)

“Me: Hey Mom, I like heaven. Well, for saying that tiny redhead you later. Mom: Still. Just.. Be careful.”

Oprah Winfrey aka @oprah (5,643,920 followers)

“O yea, forgot about them. MIRACLE! Real Doubt. A good show. wish u guys would consider Bill Cosby?”

To be fair, this is what The Next Web appears to be tweeting about:

The Next Web @thenextweb

“Disabling location by on Flikode is playboy mansion for Digital Era Infographic] by on iPhone from the?”

Zee M. Kane @zee

“All I did you very much as it was waiting for TNW! awesome! let me know Ricky Gervais linked back and now?”

Patrick de Laive @patrick

“Gemaakt op mijn lichaam :, geen idee hoe groot exact Thanks all TNW playlist on an airport?”

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten @boris

“IPhone 5 character .com domain name. Existing word too. Hope they can be real.”

Courtney Boyd Myers @cbm

Brad McCarty @bradmccarty

“The Zracken never forgets. Try without the Revolution Continues Interview] — tip Maddening.”

Martin Bryant @martinsfp

“Contemplating working on – brilliant. via good hook to them. Lunchtime treat.”

Matt Brian @m4tt

“I enjoyed it, pretty cool that it’s even on the off-chance, the net? Head to meet you can see you right.”

Alex Wilhem @alex

“$3,000 for a few potentially real bits of course. TNW conference. Wow. Those went fast.”

And yours truly, @uglynewyorker

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