This article was published on November 9, 2020

This AI-driven appointment booker takes annoying scheduling out of your hands

This AI-driven appointment booker takes annoying scheduling out of your hands
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TLDR: With the KarenApp Scheduling Software, you can let customers book appointments, receive reminders and even make payments, all automatically.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or a freelance professional, booking appointments can turn into a major headache. That’s because it isn’t just about scheduling an appointment. It’s about making sure you’ve included everyone that needs to be included. It’s about everyone knowing where a virtual or in-person meeting is happening. And if your hours are billable, it’s definitely about making sure you’re getting paid for your time.

The KarenApp Scheduling Software isn’t just a scheduling app. It’s an AI-driven personal booking assistant that can help you or your entire organization all but fully automate your calendars without the needless flurry of back-and-forth emails, miscommunications and other logistical nightmares. 

KarenApp connects to your Google calendar and gets to work, letting you “talk” to your calendar in natural language. If you want to schedule a meeting next Thursday, the Karen AI understands when “next Thursday” is and will get it done. And the more you use Karen, the better she’ll come to understand your preferences.

Once you enter information about your particular business, KarenApp generates an engaging landing page so potential customers can book appointments easily. With pricing included on your page, anyone who wants to see you will not only know when you’re available so they can book a time that works for everyone, but also what your services will cost.

Once an appointment is set, KarenApp will automatically send reminders about your meeting to all parties; as well as allow you to access information about that client or alert and include other team members that should be involved. 

If you’re meeting virtually, KarenApp lets you automatically add a Zoom link to the appointment. And when you want to get paid for an appointment upfront, customers can connect their Stripe account and automatically pay for their meeting through KarenApp’s secured interface. Users can also expect an option for PayPal payments coming soon.

With the $49.99 KarenApp Nest Plan, three team members can schedule up to 100 meetings per month on this lifetime subscription that’s regularly a $490 value. For larger teams, you can also upgrade with similar savings to a 6-member, 500-meeting Hive Plan ($99.99) or a full 12-member, 1,000-meeting Woods Plan ($149.99).

Prices are subject to change.

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