This article was published on September 26, 2019

This $800 mini projector is on sale for only $280 today

This $800 mini projector is on sale for only $280 today
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: This pocket-sized mini-projector offers HD viewing on screens up to 240-inches — and it’s 64 percent off today.

Not too long ago, a viewer was satisfied with a 24-inch, or maybe even a 32-inch television screen. Now, thin HD-quality monitors have made 55 and 65-inch viewing experiences commonplace in most homes.

So should we be surprised that you can now get full 1080p HD resolution projected up to a whopping 240 inches? Or that it’s available from a 2-inch by 2-inch cube you can slip into your pocket and take anywhere? That’s the power of the wickedly cool PIQO 1080p Mini Projector. You can check it out for yourself right now at a big savings of the retail price, now 64 percent off to just $279.99 from TNW Deals.

Even though its dimensions are tiny (just over 2 inches square and weighing under 8 ounces), the PIQO is like having a complete entertainment system you can just pop into a purse or glovebox. It connects to virtually any device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, using a 200 lumen bulb to project any image on to any surface, all the way up to a giant 20 feet across.

The unit’s built-in speakers handle your sound and can deliver up to 50 hours of music or 5 hours of video projection on a single charge.

Hook your PIQO up to a tiny tripod and you can set up a fantastic quality viewing experience from a table or counter top in only seconds.

Regularly priced at $799, TechWalls said the value of the PIQO “might be too good to ignore.” But when you factor in an over 60 percent price cut from TNW Deals, slashing your cost to $279.99, it’s, well, basically impossible to ignore.

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