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This article was published on July 16, 2019

This $79 portable AC is the eco-friendly way to beat the heat this summer

This $79 portable AC is the eco-friendly way to beat the heat this summer
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Summer’s finally here, and with it come blistering temperatures baking much of the U.S.  As you swelter in a blistering home or office, you’ll inevitably do the mental math: do you grab a fan, grit your teeth and suffer through it — or do you crank up the air conditioner, resigned to the monster utility bill to follow?

The alternative? Split the difference by creating a comfortable micro-climate around you that doesn’t involve cooling an entire building. The EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner accomplishes just that — and right now, you can save $20 on this eco-safe and wallet-friendly summer reliever for just $79.

It may not look like a game-changer, but once you crank up this 2019 Red Dot Design Award-winner, you’ll feel its cooling powers in full effect within 10 minutes, dropping the air temperature up to 59 degrees. 

All you do is fill the water tank in this ultra-portable, leak-proof unit, plug it in, set it on your desk, table or countertop, then let the cartridge start absorbing water. That water spreads through the cooling pads, then gets dispersed with air jets, evaporating the water and lowering the surrounding air temperature.

The EvaChill runs for up to nine hours on a tank of water, so you can also sleep comfortably for the entire night. In addition to humidifying and cooling the air, the unit also filters out dust particles while combating bacterial growth. Cooler air that’s healthier to breath is the ultimate win-win.

Regularly $99, this limited time-offer cuts 20 percent off the list price, down to only $79 in white or gray while this deal lasts.

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