This article was published on February 16, 2018

This $29 JavaScript eBook helps you learn with ease

This $29 JavaScript eBook helps you learn with ease
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Learning how to code usually starts with a lot of questions…such as, where do I begin? You can field a host of different answers to that question, but if you aggregate the responses of programming pros, studying the ways of JavaScript is going to end up near the top of that list.

Sure, you could just take that information on faith and jump in to learn this foundational discipline with the Ultimate JavaScript eBook and Course bundle (available now for just $29, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals).

But if you’re one of those folks who demand, you know… reasons, here are four that should explain why mastering JavaScript makes a whole lotta sense.

1. JavaScript is the most popular coding language on the planet.

Don’t take our word for it…take it from the men and women who actually create code. The programmers’ paradise GitHub lists over 3 million repositories of JavaScript-based code available. That’s over a million more than other popular languages like Java, Python and CSS.

2. It’s easy to start learning.

Other coding arenas like Python and Ruby have their charms, but to get started with either requires installations and rejiggering with your computer that can have you seeing red before you even get into the coding side. With JavaScript, you can just dive in and go.

3. JS makes for a smooth career transition.

If you want to get hired, be great in a field where employers need greatness. And JavaScript definitely qualifies. In fact, a look at JavaScript engineer job listings in the Los Angeles area alone show an annual average salary approaching six figures. You don’t find many jobs offering those kinds of wages…meaning those with JS skills can help write their own ticket.

4. It doesn’t get more versatile than JavaScript.

Unlike other languages, JavaScript runs both front-end and back-end processes…which means it’s just as comfortable driving forward-facing code in your web browser as it is fueling more complicated executions using elements and frameworks like JSON, Node, Angular, and more.

With this training bundle, you’ll get 16 best-selling ebooks and 30 hours of instruction to help you get your hands around all of it. It’s over $500 worth of materials that you can get for the limited time price of only $29.

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